Weekends with Lizzie

Winter '16 Print Trends


'Vain trifles as they seem, clothes have, they say, more important offices than to merely keep us warm. They change our view of the world and the world's view of us.' -Virginia Woolf      


Fashion does seem vain and trifling at times. But there is no denying that how we feel and subsequently how we perform can be affected by what we’re wearing. As a young wanna be Advertising Exec, I would wear my “power suit” to the most important meetings. It was the outfit that fit me best, and that I knew to be “on-trend”, in case anyone noticed.

In golf and in life, it’s great to have those outfits that fit like a glove and that are in fashion. In case you’re not sure what’s in fashion, we've put together key Winter Print Trends.

Lizzie Driver has incorporated these trends into our Fall/Winter ’16 Line, Mosaic. Check these out . . .


Print Trend: Houndstooth Patterning

Houndstooth originated in the Scottish lowlands as woven wool cloth, using a twill patterning. This season, Miu Miu, Sonia Rykiel and Carolina Herrera feature Houndstooth patterns which “look utterly feminine and sophisticated.”

 Escher Pullover

                                Lizzie Driver Escher Houndstooth Pullover *Click Image to View


Print Trend: Exotic Reptile Skin Motifs

Snakeskin prints are beautiful to behold as they have been used to make clothing for a very long time indeed. Today, it is very much a part of the latest in fashion fads, used to accent coats or create skirts.


Jerusalem Skort

                               Lizzie Driver Jerusalem Skort *Click Image to View



Print Trend: Plaid Pieces

Plaid is the American name for the Scottish tartan patterns. Paul & Joe, Chole, Vivienne Westwood and Acne feature plaids prominently in their Fall/Winter collections.


                               Lizzie Driver Byzantine Skort *Click Image to View


Print Trend: All Types of Stripes

Just that . . .


Navy Stripe Polo

                                 Lizzie Driver Navy Stripe Polo *Click Image to View

Moorish Skort

                              Lizzie Driver Moorish Skort *Click Image to View


Print Trend: Floral Prints


Needless to say, Lizzie Driver loves Floral Prints. Liberty of London does Floral Prints in such a classic way and with layers of color.


Emma Biggs Liberty of London Skort

                                   Liberty of London Emma Biggs Skort *Click Image to View


Print Trend: Polka Dots


Saint Laurent, Emanuel Ungaro and Bottega Veneta show polka dots in classy and neo-modern combinations. Polka dots are young and fun, and can be tongue in cheek as well.


Copacabana Polo

                                     Copacabana ¾ Sleeve Shirt *Click Image to View


You would never want fashion to rule your life. But incorporating a few trends in a not-over-the-top way is fun and can make you feel great. And in golf, feeling great always makes you play better!